Hey guys, we’re back with our second How-To Guide: this time on how to check your vehicle’s drive belts. There are several parts in your engine driven by the drive belts. They are the:

-Water Pump
-Power Steering
-Air Conditioning

Sometimes these items are driven by a single belt, or they all may be driven by one belt. If any of these belts happen to fail, it could possibly destroy the motor on your vehicle.

Methods to check belts:

1. Listen for squealing noises: this generally means that there is a loose or worn belt
2. Checking the play (or flexibility) on the belt: you want to reach inside your engine and push down on the center section of the belt. Depending on your vehicle belt tolerance there should be a slight give when you apply some pressure. Once again this should only be slight but the belt should still snap back into place. If your belt feels loose, then it is likely time for a replacement.
3. Checking for cracks: this method will require you to checking underneath the smooth side of the belt. A faulty belt will have cracking towards the outer ends of the ridges.

Replacing or adjusting belts can be difficult because they require a specific threading through the motor. If you inspect your vehicle and see that your belts need either an adjustment or replacement, we highly recommend that you take it to a mechanic you trust.

We appreciate our followers and want to know your thoughts: if you have any How-To Guides that you would like to hear just shoot us a comment!


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