Is your car ready for Spring?

Spring is right around the corner!

With Staten Island Chuck (the groundhog with the highest accuracy rating at 80%) informing the nation this year that there will be an early spring, we want to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for the season change!

Here are the top things you need to be checking out as we transition from winter to spring:

    1. Check your tires: With all of the rain, snow, ice, and other grime that has been on the roads, your tires are likely to have taken a pummeling over the winter. Don’t forget about those potholes that seem to pop up out of nowhere. First check your tires for signs of wear, and if they are low on tread then have them replaced. If the tread seems fine, check the evenness of the wear on each tire, as potholes can cause uneven wear. If your tire wear looks uneven, have them checked and realigned.
    2. Check your brakes: Due to lower light in the winter and sometimes skeptical weather and road conditions, we tend to use our breaks more often than in warmer months. Now is the best time to have your brakes checked. Once you make sure they are in top working condition, you can then start to plan for that summer road trip or vacation!
    3. Check your windshield wipers: Just like both your tires and brakes, your windshield wipers have been working hard over the last few months as well. The precipitation and low temperatures and have likely toned-down the effectiveness of your wipers: make sure your wipers are in a good enough condition so that your view will not be obscured in heavy precipitation.
    4. Cooling System: Over the winter deposits can build up in your engine, impeding the circulation of vital liquids that your vehicle needs. Ask your local service station about deals on their cooling system services- your vehicle’s engine and cooling system are like the heart and arteries.
    5. Is your steering smooth and easy like Sunday morning? Old and dirty fluid or low fluid levels can make it hard to drive your vehicle: For optimal safety and control, make sure your power steering system is kept clean and that your fluid levels are precise.

We hope that these tips prove useful as we transition into our favorite season, Spring! Like us on Facebook and follow our blog  for more car care tips!


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