Do you have the pollen blues (or yellows)?

Pollen (1)

Pollen:  The Scourge of Spring

Have you walked outside in the past week to find that everything has been covered in a layer of yellow-green dust? Have you been ready to take on the day only to be rendered sick as soon as you opened your front door? If so, you’re not alone, as it is pollen season here in North Carolina.

There are many plants whose pollen is responsible for causing allergic reactions. This includes the Russian thistle (a common tumbleweed), sagebrush, English plantain, and redroot pigweed; ragweed, however, is the plant most responsible for all reactions here in North America.  A single one of these ragweed plants can produce 1 million grains of pollen per day! Ragweed pollen has been found as far as 400 miles out to sea and two miles up into the atmosphere. This means that any attempts at staying away from these plants and avoiding the outdoors during a heavy day of pollen would prove to be ineffective in reducing your allergies.

Unfortunately, over the past decade, the ragweed pollen season has increased by an average of an entire month!  There are theories that global warming may play a role in the longer season.  On average, pollen season occurs in the spring and in the summer, but in warm climates, plant pollination can occur year-round! This means that here in North Carolina, you may be fighting off the pollen blues (or yellows) well after summer has officially passed.

The Suds Waterless Solution to your Pollen Problems

But there’s some good news! Here at Suds Waterless, we can help eradicate your pollen-driven headaches! We will come to you and provide your vehicle with an exquisite exterior and interior cleaning that includes window cleaning, rims, and tires! Visit us at today to book your appointment, or email us at!

Written by Robin Moulton



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