Suds in the Triad Startup Lab

Since joining the Triad Startup Lab, some of our key areas of focus have been our sales chain process and how we present ourselves to clients through our marketing strategy. As we have adjusted our model to primarily serve other businesses, we have also had to adjust our main form of marketing and our sales proposals. So far, we have spoken to several companies, both in-person and through other means, to inform them about our company and our services.

The feedback that we have received from going out to these companies has given us insight on how we need to improve our sales strategies. Currently, we need more physical sales material in order to provide more information to the potential clients. We have also concluded that we need to build creditability and trust with our potential clients. After getting feedback from both the companies and our mentors in the startup lab, we are now stepping back and taking their advice to further prepare ourselves for future clients.

Ultimately, we plan on following up with the companies via email, and in this way, we can continue to collect data from various companies and their employees.

A recent workshop with Taylor Pipes helped us to consider our story and its importance. Our story plays a pivotal role in our marketing as it gives the client a deeper insight into whom we are and what we are looking to accomplish.

As two students from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, we are looking to gain invaluable experience by starting and running our own business. We also have a large interest in the well-being of our planet, and so we found this business model to be a perfect opportunity to conserve natural resources while also helping other college students.

The standard car wash requires approximately 45 gallons of water per vehicle and uses toxic chemicals and cleaning solutions. After rinsing the car, these dangerous chemicals then flow into city drainage systems. Many car washing and detailing businesses have made additional efforts to help with this problem by recycling water, but our waterless method both uses biodegradable solutions and saves approximately 45 gallons of water per wash. Essentially, there is no rinse cycle, and so that eliminates the contaminated runoff.

As the company grows, we plan on giving back to charitable organizations that help with either providing clean water to developing countries or conserving other natural resources.  We are helping fellow college students by providing a source of part-time income, and we also give them the opportunity to experience various aspects of operating a small business.

Overall, we want to provide the invaluable hands-on experience of running a business that is low-risk and profitable to students across the country. This is even where we derived our name from, Supporting Undergrads Driving Sustainability, or S.U.D.S. for short. So support a student today, and schedule your car wash at

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